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A wonderful story highlighting the best of the equine personalities that found their way off the track and onto Lynn Reardon’s newly established adoption farm, LOPE. Again and again Reardon shows us the magic that can happen when the right horse meets the right person. Terrific tales of second chances that will lift your heart with joy.” Susan Richards, author of Chosen by a Horse
Beyond the Homestretch is a compelling and entertaining book about saving racehorses and the funny, smart, and eclectic people who care about them. But it is far more than that. It is also about finding the courage — and the faith — to move beyond fear and doubt to act on one's passion, as author Lynn Reardon did when she left her office job and steady paycheck to start LOPE. This is a book for anyone who truly wants to change their life and live their dreamLeslie Guttman, author of Equine ER
“In Lynn Reardon’s world, the horses have as much personality as the people, and most all of them are real characters, author included. Her witty writing style makes the most mundane act of mucking out stalls adventurous. In fact, while there are plenty of exciting moments in this book, Lynn’s real gift is making the day to day chores and the simplest interactions poignant, meaningful and insightful. After reading this book, you won’t look at horses – or life – in the same way again.” Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus
“A wonderful, wonderful journey that inspires us all to live our lives with purpose, on purpose. Nothing lifts the human spirit like sharing, caring, relating and fulfilling. With this book Lynn Reardon is making positive differences in the world and demonstrating how we can do so as well. An enchanting read.” Joe Camp, author of The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd
“In Beyond the Homestretch, Lynn Reardon shares a personal journey to which many horse lovers secretly aspire: leaving the safety of the office cubicle and embarking upon a career working with horses. Her mission to find loving homes for ex-racehorses brings with it challenges aplenty, but also a richness of experience that she relates with style and good humor.” Rick Lamb, author and TV/radio host of The Horse Show
“I have only known a few accountants in my life and none of them had a particularly good sense of humor. But Lynn Reardon’s wit and self-deprecating humor make this a very readable book. Horse lovers and racing fans alike will enjoy these stories.” Robert Miller, DVM, horse behaviorist and coauthor of The Revolution in Horsemanship
Beyond the Homestretch is a fascinating read for horsemen and horse lovers alike. Lynn writes eloquently about her equine adventures, really bringing out the individual characters of her horses while also vividly depicting life on a Texas ranch. Lynn’s organization, LOPE, and her work on the Texas racing circuit, is a wonderful model for others to emulate.” Alex Brown, creator of
Beyond the Homestretch is a wonderfully written account about the trials and tribulations of saving ex-racehorses. People tend not to think about what happens to horses that cannot race anymore, but for Lynn Reardon it has become her calling to take them in and find them new lives. Rescuing horses of any kind is not very glamorous or lucrative. The usual salary is only personal satisfaction. Beyond the Homestretch is a great read for any horse lover.” Jeff Wells, DVM, author of All My Patients Have Tales
“Every now and again – all too rarely – a book crosses my desk that is a must read. Beyond the Homestretch is one of them. When we watch horse racing we experience only the tip of the iceberg. We don't see the behind-the-scenes details of who the horses and humans are, their individual and engaging personalities, the ups and downs of their daily routines, and their charming quirks. Lynn Reardon has done us and the horses a big favor by writing this easy-to-read account and by adopting ex-racers so that they can live out their lives with dignity, respect, and love. Read and share this book widely. It is that important.” Mark Bekoff, University of Colorado; author of The Emotional Lives of Animals


“I expected a book about saving ex-racehorses to be ‘gritty’ but was delighted to discover that despite the honesty and realism with which Lynn writes, this was one of the most sensitive and humorous books that I have read in a long time.Eclipse MagazineRead full review »
“This has got to be one of my favourite books of ALL TIME — for a book addict like me that is really saying something. It reads like fiction, has a truthfulness about life that reminds me of Seinfeld skits and it is obviously written from the heart.” Thoughts on Dressage BlogRead full review »
“...immensely readable story.... From the first page I was hooked – Reardon's writing style is gripping, colorful – and makes for a compelling read. She describes in detail a couple of veterinary procedures on her organization's residents, and shares interactions she has had with horsemen, trainers, boarding barn managers, and a bunch of horse crazies. This isn't a book that imparts specific techniques for rehoming and retraining retired racers, but instead a feel-good story that will inspire readers to pursue their dreams. Reardon is living proof that hard work – lots of hard work – and perseverance are all it takes to accomplish great things” Bloodhorse Magazine OnlineRead full review »
A superb read for those long evenings when sunset comes too early and outside is too cold! Beyond the Homestretch by Lynn Reardon is a marvelous journey not to be missed from start to finish.” Tack n' Talk BlogRead full review »
Full of humor and insight and peopled with the unique characters that make up the world of racing,this is a can’t-put-down book. Never sentimental, Lynn describes the unique histories and personalities of each horse – their humor, their fears, their courage, their intelligence. And even as Lynn saves their lives, the horses become her best teachers and save her in return.” Davenport Library, IowaRead full review »
Beyond the Homestretch is both an easy and satisfying read. Reardon’s conversational tone made it easy to feel like I was sitting and listening to Lynn tell the stories to me. Lynn’s passion and excitement for what she does comes shining through, and her easy sense of humor helps lighten even the most stressful stories. I found myself running a gamut of emotions – from fear to relief to anger, amusement, empathy, and joy.” The Texas Horsemen's NewsRead full review (pg 22) »
“The story of how Lynn learned to work with racehorses and run her adoption ranch is wonderfully told in her new book Beyond the Homestretch. I urge anyone who is interested in reinventing their lives to read it, because it’s not just about horses. It’s a terrific guide for anyone full of self-doubt about changing directions, who thinks they don’t have the experience or the knowledge it takes to enter a new field. It’s also incredibly funny, touching and amazing to read about how putting the horses first allowed Lynn to overcome her own self-doubts and learn new skills.” Serial Reinvention BlogRead full review »


“This book by Lynn Reardon is heart warming, funny and inspirational. She is a true horsewoman. The book reflects her love of horses and her learning experiences with the OTTB's (off track thoroughbreds). It is a 'must read' for all horse people and those who would like to adopt an OTTB! Great book!!!Amazon Reviewer
“You will learn alot right along with her and enjoy the journey almost as much as she seems to without having to actually schlep through muddy pastures and perform emergency vet procedures as she did. It is funny and uplifting and I was sorry when I came to the end.” Amazon Reviewer
“It's fair to say that I inhaled Lynn's book in just a few hours…. What I found particularly special about this book was Lynn's willingness to share her own fears, worries, and self-doubts as she started down the road of rescuing these horses. …a horse book unlike any I've read before...” Amazon Reviewer
“Discovering horses can change your life and for Lynn this included the realization she needed to find a new way to live. Life in a cubicle didn't allow for the time to ride and be with the horses, especially the big thoroughbred horses she would discover needed her help. Full of real life drama and love, the idea of LOPE Texas has become bigger than the sum of its parts as the lives of people and horses meet in relationships that will last a lifetime. Well written and honest, the book had me from the Introduction and I highly recommend this book to anyone involved with horses or not.” Amazon Reviewer
“Lynn's writing makes 'extraordinary-ness' seem attainable for us all. down-to-earth and shared from the heart -- can't put it down!! highly recommended” Amazon Reviewer
“You will learn a lot right along with her and enjoy the journey almost as much as she seems to without having to actually schlep through muddy pastures and perform emergency vet procedures as she did. It is funny and uplifting and I was sorry when I came to the end.Amazon Reviewer
Thoroughly enjoyed this book – the writer knows how to tell a good story and keep the interest level high. Learned a lot about LOPE and the horses involved.” Amazon Reviewer